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If you've thought about starting a member website and have been looking for a solution, you can stop your search!

Our Member websites could be the best hidden secret on the web.

Our Member Websites aren't for everyone. You need to have a web designer to get your site running on all cylinders. If you don't have one we can refer you to web designers that are certified with our system to ensure a quick launch.

So requirement #1 is you need to have someone with web design and basic HTML skills.

Requirement #2 is you need to have content existing or close to being complete. Noone is going to sign up or stay with you very long if you have poor content or worse, no content. We have systems and software to help you convert your content to an online format that will wow your members.

Requirement #3 you must be dedicated to seeing this through. There will be times of discouragement as you create all your online content and you need to be prepared for the expense of converting it online, but the reward is well worth it. Across all of our customers sites, members will stay an average of 2.7 months. If your content is good it can be as high as 12 months. It is easy to estimate the reward. If you estimate 300 monthly members on average and you are charging $29.95/month then you have a recurring revenue stream of $8,985. Once you are up and running it will just be a marketing and numbers game from there. Our smallest customers have at least 300 members, but we have some that have had over 100,000 members!

This system isn't for everyone as you can see, while our start up costs for this system is around $1000, it will cost you another $3-10,000 with your web developer to get your content to the point where people are happy to give you money to join your membership site.


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Information Sellers, Authors, Consultants and Content Experts all use this system to produce recurring membership revenue.


Authors can use our membership platform to generate consistent recurring revenue with a membership website

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